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Women's Hair Loss - problem solved.

There are 20 million women in America with excessive hair loss. At Dejoseph Hair Restoration, it's problem solved.

Women's hair loss is seldom mentioned. It's as if society doesn't want to admit there's such a condition.

At Dejoseph, you can talk about it with us because we know it's real. What's more, we have solutions. We know why women loose hair and what can be done.

Some of what we offer are:

  • Hair Augmentation
  • Top of the Head Bonding

This is just the start of what we offer for women, there's more.

Our solutions for women can add hair to thinning areas and replace hair in areas where there may be no hair at all. We can match the density, color and feel of your thinning hair.

Contact us today so that we can privately discuss how we can help you. Dejoseph Hair Restoration - problem solved.